3 comments on “My thoughts on the travel cost issue

  1. Welp this is interesting. I’ve been playing for ages, though now predominantly on the app, and I had no idea this had even come up! Well thought out article though. I’m okay either way on travel costs, because I always thought it was a rather awesome bonus given by the Devs, but it doesn’t affect me at this point one way or another.

    For the junior players…. I dunno but doesn’t it add to the fun? I liked it at a below Knight level, where you planned out your purchases and used an app to calculate cheapest routes. To me I liked that element of gameplay. Especially now that even lower ranks have treasure maps which would require more planning and organisation. I’d have enjoyed it I think.

    At this level with the amount of gold you get per mouse travel costs don’t really affect you so no big. What do you think?

    • I agree that the gold cost is mainly irrelevant for traveling. I honestly believe that most people just want to complain about something just so their voices are heard.

      There are so many avenues in the game today to make gold that it really doesn’t matter in regards to the travel costs anymore. From the daily rewards that I detailed to the more expensive mice that you can find even in the beginning stages of the game, no one should have a shortage of gold very long anymore.

      Thanks for reading the site.

  2. Have never really thought of travel costs as “devastating” or “crippling” to a player’s funds in any way. Sure there are certain areas to which it is very expensive to travel to (and from), and sure it’s a GOOD idea to penny pinch personally on travel costs where you can (if you can travel to an area using 2 different ways, taking the one that costs you less gold is a common-sense approach, however, 10-12k travel fee (which is the highest I see usually when trying to travel to/from the Rodentia areas with the exception of Sunken City and Iceberg which costs less for some reason) is hardly considered a serious breach to the funds of Knight-Lord players, players who would probably be the ones accessing and spending the most time in that area during that phase of their life as a Mousehunter.

    Not only that we have Larry’s travel that allows us to get back to the Meadow free of charge from anywhere,so this 10k cost is like a one time payment to get there, but going FROM Rodentia is free using Larry’s travel.

    Hardly anything to make a noise about even in penny pinching, so what if app users can travel for free? App users have a number of disadvantages, one of which is not having any access to the mousehunt marketplace and another being a complete lack of a “gifting” system. These 2 deficiencies actually put app users at MORE of a disadvantage than non-app users (or FB users).

    Not to mention the latest version of the apps HUD isn’t exactly calibrated to some of the later areas in the game (for example, in the Living Garden, the app doesn’t allow you to pour in both versions of the Living Garden and doesn’t keep track of how many salt charms have been used for the King Grub).

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