4 comments on “The Law Draw – Comparison

  1. CRE says Law Draw is more effective than any of the 3 specialised traps in the respective train sections tho. I do not have much experience in this area yet but it seems Law Draw makes the 3 special traps obsolete. Good call about SLACII in the city tho, will work on that trap after all.

  2. Hi sir, i tried the following setups for Clawshot City:

    Against ringleaders:

    Law Draw/Minotaur/Super Cactus Charm/SB+: 75.10%
    Law Laser/Minotaur/Super Cactus Charm/SB+: 76.29%
    SLAC 2/Minotaur/Super Cactus Charm/SB+: 69.47%
    SLAC 2/ClawShot/Super Cactus Charm/SB+: 66.04%

    Against crew:

    Law Draw/Minotaur/Super Cactus Charm/SB+: 91.93%
    Law Laser/Minotaur/Super Cactus Charm/SB+: 90.11%
    SLAC 2/Minotaur/Super Cactus Charm/SB+: 83.66%
    SLAC 2/ClawShot/Super Cactus Charm/SB+: 76.49%

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